Digital Oilfield

Through intelligent controller, according to the setting of realtime automatic or manual metering, monitoring the oil pressure, pipe pressure, flow rate, temperature, cutoff valve and other related signals of crude oil in various wells, acquisition of equipment failure and other emergency situations. Relying on wireless transmission system and simulating manual work, remote management and intelligent switch and linkage functions are realized.Effectively improve the level of Oilfield Automation Construction and management, save construction and operation costs, reduce labor costs, and realize the intellectualized "digital oilfield".


Intelligent Control of Pumping Unit
Functional Indication of Digital Oilfield
The platform monitors real-time crude oil and equipment data, makes reasonable planning for pumping unit work, realizes intelligent automatic operation, and liberates human resources to work efficiently. Crude oil will pass through different elevations and heights in the course of transportation. From low to high transportation, it is necessary to control the booster system to pressurize the oil pipeline to ensure smooth transportation and improve transportation efficiency.
Automatic Supercharging System
Intelligent Valve Control
PC Monitoring Platform
Remote Monitoring of Mobile
Wechat Scanning Attention
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