The Seventeenth China Strait Project Achievement Fair is about to open in Fuzhou

The 17th China Strait Project Achievement Fair will be opened in Fuzhou. This year, our city continued to play the role of "6.18" platform, organizing more than 200 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, covering the fields of artificial intelligence, electronic information, Internet of Things, promoting the effective docking of projects, technology, capital and talents, striving to complete more than 1,000 projects docking throughout the year, and adding new highlights for attracting investment.

In hot summer, when you park your car in the underground garage and press your cell phone, the air conditioner at home can be opened ahead of time; after dinner, just press your cell phone and the curtain will automatically close. The smart home system developed and designed by Xiamen Donggang Group Co., Ltd. can be easily operated. This system can not only realize the functions of intelligent household appliances control, intelligent dimming, temperature and humidity regulation, anti-theft and alarm, but also realize the functions of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other environmental monitoring.

Li Yanquan, Chairman of Xiamen Donggang Group: In order to achieve more personalized, smarter home, more human-computer interaction, we are now preparing, information is also improving, (system) in close debugging, make it more powerful, in the exhibition to reflect our human-computer interaction of a third generation of Android. The feeling of system smart home.

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